To Japan by Car without Carnet - Leaving/Selling in Japan?

Hey there!
just registered after not finding any information on what i am planing in this years september

Two friends and I want to drive from Germany to Vladivostok, then take the DBS Ferry to Sakaiminato.
I am pretty sure, since the car is registered in Germany, that we will not be allowed to drive legally on the road in Japan. Therefore we will need some form of a trailer or tow truck to get our car to our final destination, Ebisu Circuit, a racetrack in Fukushima prefecture.
As we are planning to either sell the car at the racetrack or rent storage there, we dont want to export the car out of the country.
Has anybody any information on the import procedure? Like, how long did it take you until you were allowed to leave customs with your car, how much did it cost you?
I know it will be nasty!
I already contacted Tatiana from DBS Ferry (ChrisOfJapans website recommended her and also recommended this forum here

), she said there is a 20% import tax, which wouldnt be too bad on a 2,000€ car.

Any help appreciated.

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Rayancaleb, Austria
27 February 2018

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